Red Book Astrology is the unique system of astrology that depicts a new style of horoscope analysis in which lagna or ascendant or rashis are not considered according to the traditional birth chart. Exaltation and deilitation points are fixed and there is no consideration of dashas degrees of planets. There is effective system of varshfal that shows the placement of stars and planets in the particular houses of the kundli according to the particular age cycle of an individual. The astrological principals are identical but with some variations. The main blessings of red book astrology are its remedies that give solutions of the problems with moral values. A person can get rid of the evil dam effects of planetary position in the most easier and effective way.If by touching the feet of mother. One gets the positive effective of moon, nothing else is required..similarly thousands of remedies are there and of very simple nature that can give the life a compfertable mode because today people are not having time to perform ygna,hawan and mantra jap. In this context red book can be the best director to direct the way of life.