Manvvi, Red Book Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Palmist, Numerologist, Aura Oganiser, working in the field of astrology from the last 18 years. Very dedicated to the profession with specialised command on the study of RAHU KETU. As she defines, half of the sufferings and problems of human life is due to the negitive interaction of RAHU KETU. With the blessing of ma-kali, she has tried to solve the problem of society with different aspect of different remedies of shashtras and many thousands of new innovations of herself. Her new and revolutionary methods of AURA organisation and personality development with astro meditation make her different from the rest of streams. Her instant remedies are giving relief by reducing the burden of karmas and prarabadh. HER personel counsilling has changed the lives of thousands in the different corners of the world. Stress on the removal of negitivies and to open the account of good karmas make her to stand up in the queque of the noble person.