Rahu and ketu are the powerful force that operate in our lives and unexpectedly we are are getting big changes without any pre indications and instantly we are caught up in problems. Astronomically they are not the planets, they are chayya graha and called as the north and south nodes of the moon. They dont have houses in the zodiac but they acquire power from the house where they occupy.


They are very important as they represent the point of intersection of the paths of the sun and the moon on the celestial sphere. Their effects are unpredictable, they attack on human life, if not in good position. Rahu is believed to have positive effects when related to saturn, mercuryand venus but with jupiter, moon and sun its giving negitive results. Rahu is a head without body that represent material desires and operates on the subconscious mind.


It indicates unexpected loss, disappointments, police, court, court cases, revolutions, upheavels, electricity, politics, diplomatic phenomenon, new inventionscomputer technology, fluctuations of share markets etc. Its representing southwest direction, its element is air, colour is smoky, metal is lead and gemstone is honey coloured Hessonite, Its period is of 18 years but during the durations of the sub periods in the cycles of other planets, it shows its vibrative influence and presence.


Ketu, very opposite of rahu, is the other half of the demon, the headless body symbolised with flag or a gem or star which represents a mystical light energy this indicate internal wisdom,power to see invisible aspects of life. This brings doubts and sharp criticism. This presides over the absolute aspects of God and spirituality when associated with jupiter. Its period is 7 years. Its element is earth, colour-smoky, metal lead, gemstone is cats eye.


Ketu is associated with God Ganesha. THERE IS NO NEED TO BE AFRAID OF THE MALEFIC EFFECTS OF RAHU KETU,BUT THE NEED IS TO GET THE RIGHT SOLUTION. Being as the student or a corporate buisnessman or a struggling star or a diplomat or a rising politician or a common man/woman it is n necessary to know the pulse of the problems. The Malefic effects of Rahu Ketu can be reduced by the instant remedies and through astro meditation.YOUR LIFE CAN BE CHANGED WITH PRECIOUS ADVICE OF US.

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